【Product Features Description】

3D manufactured titanium panel

Patented stand-alone shock absorber

3mm 304 white metal

unibody wheel dock

ICE Parts

Xtreme Drift

3D manufactured titanium panel

Made with the world exclusive manufacturing method using the top-notch 7005 aluminum alloy, producing a durable, resilient, and enduring drift plate.


Anti-shock side protection band

The average drift plate sold usually has a side protection band that is unleveled with the plate itself, making users uncomfortable. Our side protection band is  leveled with the plate itself and is more beautifully engineered.


3mm 304 white metal unibody wheel dock

This product has its base roller plate and screws made from hard 304 white  metal, guaranteed to go rust-free for ages. The thickness of such a plate is  3mm, with guarantees to never change its shape or break. A life-time warranty.


Patented stand-alone shock absorber

This product’s patented stand-alone shock absorber makes dealing with rainy days easy. Even if the road condition is capricious, it can let you maintain your speed by absorbing the shockwaves away, so you can use your drift plate any day. This is a function that other manufacturers are still not yet able to manage.


Patented stand-alone shock absorber

This product’s patented glowing undercover can absorb all the vibration that is created by usage, making the durability of the lighting better. The glowing part is also designed into the inside of the base roller plate so that it won’t be broken by stunt actions.

【ABEC9 High Precision Bearings

【GTANK PowerSlide Wheels】

The average bearings sold in the market are made in China. Our company worked with the biggest bearings company in Taiwan to produce the top-quality, best-utility ABEC-9 High Precision Bearings. This is suitable for snaking, dragon board, drift board, and all sorts of roller blades. We hope to  offer you a brand worth putting your trust in.

GTank power slide 3.0

●Size: 72mm

●Center set hub

●Durometer: 84a

【Suspension Funtion】

Suspension Tuning screws

Suspension Tuning screws


Representative Shock softest, most easily absorbed limit jump when the impact forces, such as weight60 ~ 80kg, the jump under gravity 4 times approximately  200kg ~ 320kg, can absorb at least about 50%~ 60% of the force, so foot withstand the power of approximately like the weight, so the feet can stand more stable, But also safer. ( limit and long-distance road slipped applicable )


On behalf of the shock absorber role halved feeling and slalom skills applicable indeed than the general drift Banban More stable physical acts, at the moment  degrees for a general fancy and short-range acceleration Road slip mode.


Adjustment screws can lock to this scale, and on behalf of the shock absorbers  U Urethane must be replaced if the following Continued use will cause the scale plate wear plate body, do not will use for some time, at any time after the Note the scale change.