【Product Features Description】

Customized Design Sample

Customized Color rip


Wheels Color


Edge Color 

Wheelbase 100mm 

To get higher speed and stability 


CNC cutting edge protector flat design, you can let edge and board formation Increase the contact area between the foot and sandpaper.

304 3mm + polished tin plating + CNC cutting Patented quick-release design (to be with patent sleeve) Wheelbase is 100mm wide wheel carrier M4 screw hole expansion X6

Snap button safety design, the

process of installing the wheels


Railtruck safety design, even if a

loose screw off will not cause the

wheel to fall off.

Patent no. 473241

Patent no. 473241

Patent-sided about discern design

You can easily distinguish  between left and right.

You can choice different color between left and right.

Patent LED Luminous Bezel 

Patent no. 473241

Customized COLOR GRIP Design 

You can design your style grip by youeself,we can print for you.